The Plant Spirit Familiar

The Plant Spirit Familiar

Green Totems, Teachers & Healers on the Path of the Witch

by: Christopher Penczak

The Wisdom of the Green

Just as people gain wisdom and experience healing with animal totems and guides, you can cultivate a similar relationship with the spirits of the plant world. Witches, shamans, and healers know about the intelligence, love, and power found within the herbs and trees, and learn to partner with them as totems and spirits guides. Witches have called such guiding spirits familiars, intermediaries between the worlds. The Plant Spirit Familiar is filled with herbal lore, rituals, meditations, and magick, but more importantly, it is an invitation to open the gateway to the Green World.

Learn about the three types of plant allies, the healing plants known as balms, the power plants known as banes, and the spirit teachers found in the wise old trees. Work with the Green Man and the Lady of Flowers and enter the Soul Garden. Create sacred space for healing, meditation, and shamanic journey, calling upon the plant spirits as guardian. Seek spiritual initiation from the plant world through ritual and sacrament. Deepen your spiritual connection with the Earth by growing roots strong within the land. While taught from the perspective of nature-based spirituality rooted in the European traditions of magick, one does not need to be a Witch or Pagan to experience the blessings of the green world and The Plant Spirit Familiar. It is open to all seekers. You need only hear the call of the green, and answer it.


The Plant Spirit Familiar
Penczak, Christopher

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Published: April 1, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9827743-1-1
Size: 6x9 in.
Pages: 6x9 in.
Available In: Softcover Edition, EBook Edition
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I suspect I will not be the only one gasping with recognition while reading The Plant Spirit Familiar. The Call of the Green resonates powerfully for so many of us, especially those walking the Witch’s path. As for newcomers: welcome! There is no better guide to this mysterious, magickal realm than Christopher Penczak.
Judika Illes
author of The Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells
The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Pure Magic. The Plant Spirit Familiar, is a fascinating journey down the shadowy green path of the occultist. Serious herbalists and magicians will find this book to be both thought provoking and provocative.
Ellen Dugan
author of Garden Witch's Herbal, Practical Protection Magick, and Natural Witchery
The Plant Spirit Familiar is a must read for all Green Witches and even for those not on the Wiccan path. This book is chock-full of green wisdom that will inspire anyone who recognizes plants as teachers, guides, and friends. Penczak fills its pages with potions, rituals, and engaging exercises guiding you to respond to what he refers to as ‘the call of the green.’ When you finish this book you will feel as if you've been initiated into the ancient order of the green nation.
Pam Montgomery
author of Plant Spirit Healing and Partner Earth