Foundations of the Temple

Foundations of the Temple

A Witchcraft Tradition of Love, Will & Wisdom

by: Christopher Penczak

“Our goal is the initiation of consciousness in alignment with Love, Will, and Wisdom to perform the Great Work.”

Build the foundation of a strong magickal practice, walking both the path of the solitary practitioner on the sorcerous road, and near to others in community, upon their own roads, for we embrace the paradox that a Witch is never alone, yet is always alone.

In this book, Christopher Penczak shares through the powers of the head, hands, and heart, opening the doors to the Temple of Witchcraft system, community, and magickal order. From seeds planted in the 1990s, you can trace the development and influences of this magical system, and learn many of the never-before publicly released images, mythologies, teachings, and symbols used within the community.

Included is an overview of the core techniques and rituals of the six book Temple of Witchcraft series, along with the deeper philosophies and structures underpinning them. Learn more about the developing culture of the Temple and its work in the physical world, including areas of service in education, military outreach, prison ministry, stewardship, women’s mysteries, queer mysteries, mediation, grief, and healing. An in-depth introduction to the Temple of Witchcraft, or a deepening expansion for those already familiar with the Temple’s teachings and work.


Foundations of the Temple
Penczak, Christopher

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Published: July 21, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-9407550-1-4
Size: 6x9 in.
Pages: 354
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