City Witchcraft

City Witchcraft

by: Christopher Penczak

Gathered here for the first time are the ground-breaking columns of Christopher Penczak from the first years of newWitch magazine. “City Witch” followed his experiences and insights traveling the country and the challenges of practicing magick on the road and in the city, continuing the themes found in his award-winning book, City Magick. City Witchcraft brings all the original articles together, with new editing and art, to offer inspiration for a new generation of Witches, magicians, and shamans living on the road and in the city. In its pages you will find:

  • Making Magickal Sigils from Subway Maps
  • Urban Wildcrafting of Herbs and Weeds for Magick
  • Shamanic Journey in the Astral City Landscape
  • Using City Sewers, Graveyards and Crossroads for Spells
  • Working with the Urban Spirits for Love Magick
  • Calling upon Urban Spirits for Prosperity Spells
  • Evoking the Gods of the City
  • Psychic Sight while Traveling
  • Using Hotels, Motels and Travel Time for Meditation and Magick


City Witchcraft
Penczak, Christopher

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Published: November 1, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-940755-00-7
Size: 6x9 in.
Pages: 98
Available In: Softcover Edition, EBook Edition
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