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Twenty-One Days of Reiki

Written by Adam Sartwell
Available in:
Softcover edition
  • Take a Reiki Journey

    Reiki Master and healer Adam Sartwell takes you on a twenty-one day journey through diff erent techniques and perspectives on Reiki energy healing.

    Included in this book, you’ll find…

    • Using Reiki with affi rmations, food and water, baths, containers, poppets, and more.
    • Offering Reiki to heal your ancestors, your family, friends, and even adversaries, and sending Reiki into the future.
    • Use of Reiki symbols in ritual to empower other intentions, working with your own psychic abilities, and more.

    MSRP – $7.99

    Adam Sartwell is a Reiki master and healing practitioner who discovered his psychic talents as a teenager. He originally presented a version of this material in his online blog #21daysofreiki. Adam lives in Salem, New Hampshire where he teaches, does healing work, and offers psychic and Tarot readings.