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The Waters and Fires of Avalon

Magickal Rites from a Glastonbury Pilgrimage

Written by Christopher Penczak
Available in:
Softcover edition
  • Journey to Avalon

    In August of 2011, members of the Temple of Witchcraft took part in a sacred pilgrimage to the British Isles to visit the sacred site of Glastonbury Tor and the Chalice Well. They stayed at the Chalice Well House and performed nightly rituals in the gardens to connect and work with the energies and spirits of this sacred site, long associated with the legendary Isle of Avalon.

    Now join them through this collection of remembrances and records of their rituals, meditation, and insights at the Red and White Wells, the Tower of St. Michael, Stonehenge, Gog & Magog, the Uffington Horse, and other sacred sites. The Waters and Fires of Avalon features the work of renowned Witchcraft author and Temple Founder Christopher Penczak, and all profits go to support the work of the Temple, a 501(c)3 pagan religious nonprofit.

    MSRP – $11.99