The Waters and Fires of Avalon

Journey to Avalon In August of 2011, members of the Temple of Witchcraft took part in a sacred pilgrimage to the British Isles to visit the sacred site of Glastonbury Tor and the Chalice Well. They stayed at the Chalice Well House and performed nightly rituals in the gardens to connect and work with the […]

The Three Rays of Witchcraft

The text outlines a model of the universe based upon the forces of Power, Love, and Wisdom. Associated with each is a ray, a path we can travel spiritually and evoke energetically. Known as the Straight Line, the Bent Line and the Crooked Line, each offers different magick, knowledge and mysteries.

The Plant Spirit Familiar

Learn about the three types of plant allies, the healing plants known as balms, the power plants known as banes, and the spirit teachers found in the wise old trees. Work with the Green Man and the Lady of Flowers and enter the Soul Garden. Create sacred space for healing, meditation, and shamanic journey, calling upon the plant spirits as guardian.

Tastes From the Temple

Tastes From the Temple presents some of the kitchen witchcraft of the Temple of Witchcraft community. Dawn Hunt, author of the Cucina Aurora Cookbook, gathers, organizes, and looks at the magical properties of these recipes, while offering many of the works of her own magickal kitchen.

The Gates of Witchcraft

From meditation and breath-work to dance and music, sacred space and sacred vestments, to the Lonely Road of isolation or the Path of Poison of working with herbal allies, The Gates of Witchcraft presents theory, practices, and exercises for exploring the different paths to power in the Craft.

Buddha, Christ, Merlin

The book looks at the history and experiences of each exemplar, and the practices of the tradition associated with them, including the different ways they help us to attain greater spiritual understanding, and how their insights and methods compliment one another.

The Green Lovers

From time immemorial, the Green World has allied with humanity, plant spirits teaching the secrets of herbal medicine and magic to those able to hear the call. In this collection, practitioners of plant spirit magic come together to tell of their experiences with allies in the Green World.

Feast of the Morrighan

In this devotional work, author Christopher Penczak delves deeply into the lore of the Morrighan, the “Phantom Queen,” creating a grimoire that is part historical research, part poetic inspiration, and part personal experience, creating

The Mighty Dead

The Mighty Dead, the Hidden Company, the Secret Chiefs, the Withdrawn Order, the Inner Plane Adepts, the Masters, the Bodhisattva, and the Saints – all names for the enlightened dead who guide the spiritual traditions and evolution of humanity through the mysteries.